George Davis Campaign for San Francisco Supervisor District 8


Last update: December 17, 2014

I have run into a lot of people at Xmas parties who are aware of the Body Freedom Movement and the work that I have done. They have thanked me and make me happier knowing that the work that I am doing is appreciated.

In the November 4 General Electiion, I received about 5% of the vote. With more rigourous campaigning, I could have tripled my vote, but would have worked hard to lose anyways. More than the money factor (my $1000 versus Scott Wiener’s $180,000+ budgets) in the loss was the apathy of the voting public.

A friend pointed out that if there was proportional political representation in the U.S. that with 5% of the vote, there would already have been an existing political party to represent the Body Freedom point of view with real political power, or we could form one. Even though the Libertarian Party and Green Party in the U.S. are rhetorically for Body Freedom, in practice, they are debating societies with no real political power. Oh well, Democracy in America. One shouldn’t be to critical of the U.S. electoral process, America has the best government that money can buy.

In a sense, I have achieved victory in this campaign with the New York City Times Square Speech. Details below. I tell other Body Freedom Activists, “I would rather lose San Francisco and gain New York City than the other way around.”

At a certain level, I admire Scott Wiener. He was put in power by uber-wealthy real estate and developer interests. He has been very loyal to them. He’s been bought and he stays bought. Unfortunately, Wiener’s backers don’t represent a range of 80% to 99% of us, depending on one’s flexibility with political principles like human rights. If you want real representation in City Hall, you are going to have to turn-on your true friends and social media friends to this site and alternative candidates.
The last political speech, Sunday, November 2, 2014, Gypsy Taub organized anti-nudity ban protest, Harvey Milk Plaza, Castro/Market Street

My name is George Davis for District 8 Supervisor. Right here in the Castro. This is my get out the vote speech.

I have the endorsement of the San Francisco Tenants Union in a district that is over 60% tenant and the alternate endorsement of the “San Francisco Bay Guardian”. So, you would think that I would have 80% of the vote, instead of a significantly lower figure prediction.

So, I want to remind you that you have 5 choices for 5 candidates running.

I would discourage you from voting for Scott Wiener. He is funded by real estate and anti-rent control interests. He is also a threat to your freedom of expression and civil liberties. If you don’t want to vote for me, you still have 3 other choices. I tell people that if I wake up Wednesday and am not Supervisor. I will write a story about the campaign and then join a convent.

My campaign consultant, Gypsy Taub, recommends that you vote for John Nulty. John has a long history as a community organizer. He would be the happiest of any of the candidates to get elected and possibly the least dangerous.

Also running is Michael Pretelis, who I guarantee would be the most colorful and exciting Supervisor.

Finally, for the Zen vote we have Tom Basso, who has done no campaigning at all. He only paid the filing fee and filled out a Ballot Qualification statement. He owns a bar named, “Delirium”. I figure that anyone who owns a bar named “Delirium” is totally qualified for political office in San Francisco.

So, please vote. You have 3 choices and they don’t have to go to Scott Wiener or myself.

Thank you

Slogan: Who would Harvey Milk vote for?

Recent notes:
1. Gypsy Taub, one of George’s campaign consultants, has decided to promote the election of John Nulty, because John has a longer history of community involvement than me, George Davis. Plus, John wants the job more. Once again, voters are reminded that they have 4 valid choices other than Scott Wiener.
2.George Davis has the 1st choice endorsement of the San Francisco Tenants Union for District 8 Supervisor. More than 62% of District 8 households are renters. Most home/condo owners are former renters and sympathetic to tenant’s rights. There are few professional landlords living in District 8.
3. The uncensored campaign video on this site, “San Francisco Before and After the Nudity Ban” has been getting a lot of “likes” and positive reviews. Which future for San Francisco and the World do you want to see?
4. Link to League of Women’s Voters and SFgovTV video on George Davis campaign:

The District 8 race:

GEORGE DAVIS – Neighborhood Power Activist and Civil Liberties advocate
Scott Wiener – Shill for Big Money Corporate Developers and Censorship advocate

This site is dedicated to proving the truth of the above allegations.

How you can help take back your neighborhood:
1. More than money, if you will personally contact your friends and your social media friends and request they spread the word of this campaign, you win a Supervisor who will represent District 8 and San Francisco values. Let your friends know that they do have a choice in this campaign. This action is also requested of non-residents of District 8 anywhere in the world. Let’s see if human friendship networks and social media can trump money in campaigning. At a totally specific action level, if you like what you find in this campaign site, we need you to send a link to all your social media friends and talk in real-time face-to-face meetings with five (5) friends and associates about this campaign.

2.A little bit of money ($25 – $500 contribution, $5000 total) will go a long way. It will buy some signage and early October ads in the “San Francisco Bay Guardian” and local papers and newsletters. Because of their campaign accounting software, I use (supervisor george davis election campaign) instead of this site for contributions. New York City has offered a victory celebration in Times Square for a George Davis victory. Donors will be invited to the celebration and a victory dinner in and around Times Square.

3. Contact George Davis to visit your house party or event. email:


Show Me Your Wiener
A Blog dedicated to showing how the actions of Scott Wiener are a threat to the people living in San Francisco’s District 8. If there are any omissions or errors, feel free to contact this blog.

(Note: District 8 was Harvey Milk’s district when he was Supervisor. Harvey Milk was the first “out” elected Gay official in America. Harvey Milk was assassinated in 1978.)

1. Wiener is a threat to your economic security.

Thomas Coates! Thomas Coates! Thomas Coates!

You may be asking yourself: Who is Thomas Coates?
Answer. Thomas Coates is a Southern California multi-multi millionaire real estate magnate.

Thomas Coates spent one million dollars on a California statewide initiative to end local rent control in California. This initiative was soundly defeated by the voters. In 2010, Thomas Coates formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) and gave $200,000 for the benefit of 4 ultra-reactionary candidates for Board of Supervisors. Scott Wiener was one of these candidates. $200,000 is a huge amount of money for district race (population about 80,000 persons per district). . . . This PAC story broke only a couple of days before the November 2010 election. The nature of news cycles caused this story to more-or-less disappear. However, the story can still be Googled-up. Scott Wiener won that election with only 40% of the first choice votes.

2/3 of the households of San Francisco District 8 like most the rest of the City are renters. Of the condo/home owners, only a very few are of the landlord class. Most condo/homeowners are former renters with a little extra cash and of need of some tax breaks and empathize with renters. They never plan to rent their properties.

Why are we now seeing huge numbers of Ellis Act Evictions and threats of Ellis Act Evictions? The Ellis Act allows a speculator to buy a building, evict the tenants, and sell the units as tenants-in-common units. The evicted have included a 94 year-old tenant, families, and tenants of over 50 years. These Ellis Act evictions disproportionately are applied to Seniors and long term residents. As recently as August 2014, Scott Wiener voted against a Democratic Party endorsement of an initiative measure that would offer fairer move-out compensation to Ellis Act victims. Why hasn’t there been a strengthening of rent control protections? Why haven’t properties built since 1979 been added to the rent control property rolls? Why haven’t real estate speculation taxes been enacted? Surely, 80% of the households in District 8 would like the answer to these questions. Or, is the answer: Thomas Coates is your Supervisor?

As recently as August 2014, Scott Wiener voted against a Democratic Central Committee endorsement of Initiative Measure G that would place an anti-speculation tax on property sold within 5 years of purchase on the 2014 General Election Ballot. This legislation would protect the household security of many longtime San Francisco residents. The Democratic Party still endorsed the measure.

Who would Harvey Milk vote for?

2. Wiener is owned by the big developers who are Manhattanizing downtown and Soma and Wilshire Boulevardizing Upper Market.

Wiener supported the 8 Washington high-rise view-blocking luxury condo project which was voted down by the voters and opposed by the local residents, local Supervisor David Chiu and past local Supervisor Aaron Peskin. Against the public interest, he opposed a recently passed initiative that would require any development that would exceed existing height limits on Port of San Francisco property to obtain voter approval. After an extensive inquiry, a recent San Francisco Civil Grand Jury report found that too much Port and San Francisco property was going to developers at the “exclusion of robust public input.”

The developers want to make a cold, sterile City and take away the small, village neighborhood atmosphere that drew many of us to San Francisco and the reason many of us remain here. Who would Harvey Milk vote for?

3. Wiener is a threat to your voting rights.

His first major act as Supervisor was sponsoring Proposition E on the 2011 ballot. Proposition E would allow the Board of Supervisors to amend or suspend voter passed initiatives. Proposition E was soundly defeated by the voters. In civics class, we learned that the initiative process started because too many legislative bodies are in the control of wealthy special interests like Thomas Coates. Initiatives allow voters to bypass this oligarchical situation. Who would Harvey Milk vote for?

4. Wiener is a threat to your freedom of political and artistic expression.

Irony alert: Isn’t being gay about the right to express one’s true nature?

The intended consequence of the recently enacted, with the sponsorship of Scott Wiener, Nudity Ban Ordinance was the suppression of a Body Freedom Movement. The Body Freedom Movement is about naturalizing the human body and body parts and doing away with body shame and negative body image issues. It’s about the right to be yourself and the right to express yourself. It’s about accepting other people.

From a scientific poll, we know that 62% of San Franciscans have no problem with nonsexual public nudity. We know from polls in more mature, tolerant European countries that with government body freedom support and relaxed media body part censorship, the public nudity acceptance figure rises to 93%.

New York City now recognizes Body Freedom for public artistic, theatrical, and political expression. One Body Freedom activist District 8 candidate, George Davis, has been arrested twice, cited once, and threatened with arrest two times for making same obvious political speeches (nude) he has always made in San Francisco prior to the ban. He now has to make his only major political speech (nude) in Times Square in New York City on Wednesday, August 6, noon. Could this mean that New York City is moving culturally forward and San Francisco backward?

Who would Harvey Milk vote for?

5. Wiener opposes CEQA environmental review for big development projects. CEQA is a major public protection from rapacious developers. Shouldn’t big developments be examined for problems?

6. On the inhuman level, Wiener had the benches used by the “homeless” above the Castro MUNI light rail station removed during a very, very, cold and rainy Christmas season. In fact, one wag called him, “The Grinch who stole the bench.”

Does that sound like Harvey Milk?

7. We have reports that Wiener has attempted to subvert the Sunshine Ordinance by influencing the appointment of ineffectual commissioners. The Sunshine Ordinance is meant to open-up the business of government to public view. If true, this is very damning to Wiener’s transparency and character. We welcome more information on this subject.

8. Wiener steals bus money from poor kids.

Unbelievable, but true. Wiener voted against the use of already appropriated money for free MUNI transportation for low income San Francisco youth. The Board of Supervisors still passed the measure.

Sound like something that Harvey Milk would do?

9. Wiener steals school kids lunch money.

Only, almost true. American and San Franciscan kids are in the midst of an obesity epidemic and a rise of youth diabetes. Instead of working to improve school lunch nutrition and improve school food desirability, he led a vote to allow food trucks to park near San Francisco middle and high schools. Great, kids get easier access to soda pop and potato chips.

We haven’t been able to channel Harvey Milk’s opinion on that one.

10. Few people really like Wiener. True, he is quite articulate, but considering what he does with it, is that really an asset. He may give the boy scout appearance of Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, but in reality he is quite arrogant and manipulative. Not that there is anything wrong with a politician being arrogant and manipulative. In fact, it’s great if that politician is on your side. Instead he is using his arrogance and manipulative skills against the political, cultural, and economic interests of 80-90% of District 8 households.

Harvey Milk was genuinely liked and represented working people.

After 2 requests for a fact check, the facts in this campaign blog have presumably been checked for accuracy by Scott Wiener’s office and are true.

Voters. On election day, November 4, 2014, you have 3 ranked choices for Supervisor. We encourage no votes for Scott Wiener and choose 3 more representative candidates who are not a threat to your freedom, economic security, and City’s future.

For more information on opposition candidates on the Internet:

1. Michael Petrelis – + FaceBook
2. George Davis –
3. Tom Basso – as of September 15, 2014, has no Internet campaigning presence
4. John Nulty –

Mike Petrelis wrote a “white paper” on his campaign positions, except for some priorities, there was nothing that I remember disagreeing with. Michael had a strong pro-tenant platform. Therefore, I can recommend Mike for one of your ranked choices.

On August 24, I spoke with John Nulty and asked him for a “White Paper” on his campaign platform or positions. Believe it or not, he told me that he does not have a platform paper and does not plan to prepare one, because “people will steal his ideas.” John and his twin brother, Michael, have somewhat of a reputation as Tenderloin housing activists. John has a 2nd endorsement from the San Francisco Tenants Union. On August 28, John linked me to: for his positions. For those reasons, I can recommend John Nulty for one of your ranked choices.


One candidate said, “If I was a religious man like mom, I would say this guy is Satan himself.”
The other candidate said, “Yes, and I’m expected to lose to him in the next election.”

PS: Somebody please get a commitment from Wiener that should he win in the November election, he will not abandon his Board seat to run for Mark Leno’s termed-out California State Senate seat. If he does go this route, a November election vote for Wiener doesn’t even count. San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown – oops – we mean Mayor Ed Lee, appoints a replacement Supervisor.

Body Freedom and Free Thinking v. Censorship and Denial of Freedom of Expression


Uncensored Version, also viewable at

To make a contribution, return to Indiegogo campaign page

George Davis Campaign Speech from Times Square in New York City August 6, 2014


July 9, 2014

Free Thinking: New York City v. San Francisco

Why is a nude San Franciscan politician making a campaign speech in exile in Times Square, New York City at noon, Wednesday, August 6, 2014?

George Davis is a Body Freedom proponent and a candidate for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (=’s City Council) in the November 4, 2014 General Election.

The Body Freedom Movement holds that you have a natural right to be nude and live in a less stressful clothing optional society. This is both futuristic thinking and a return to the cultural standards of Ancient Greece and Rome. . . . At worst, public nudity is harmless. At best, public nudity has a positive public health benefit by normalizing the human body and overcoming the body shame and negative body image feelings that permeate the neurotic contemporary psychological thinking of many Americans. . . . Does anyone think it’s mentally or physically healthy to feel insecure about your body and the bodies of others? . . . Plus, there is the old adage; “If nudity offends, imagine what truth and reality will do.”

For ten years, George Davis has run for public office and made public speeches (nude) in San Francisco. Recently, a nudity ban law went into effect in San Francisco with the intentional consequences of censoring and the attempted destruction of the local Body Freedom Movement.

In the Supervisor race, Mr. Davis’s chief opponent is the incumbent Supervisor who sponsored the nudity ban legislation. Interestingly, this electoral district is the same one that Harvey Milk was elected from. (Harvey Milk was the first “out” elected Gay official in America. Harvey was assassinated in 1978) Mr. Davis intends to be the first “out” nudist elected official. Both the Gay and Body Freedom Movements are all about freedom of expression and freedom of choice.

Since the San Francisco nudity ban went into effect, George Davis has been arrested twice, cited once, and threatened with arrest two more times for making the same speeches that he has always made. Due to this censorship by his incumbent opponent, he can no longer effectively campaign in San Francisco in public.

Recently, New York City has recognized the validity of public nudity for theatrical and artistic performances and political speeches. Mr. Davis’s speech (nude) is being made with the knowledge of the NYPD and NYC City Hall officials. Andy Golub, a talented well-known body painter of nudes will join George Davis in Times Square. Andy Golub will give a short speech and a nude body painting demonstration.

Does this mean that San Francisco is losing it’s cultural edge and New York City is becoming an International center of free thinking?

In a few weeks. a follow-up press release will be sent to you with the precise Times Square location of the speech.

For an uncensored 3 minute campaign video of the before-and-after of the San Francisco nudity ban, go to

For other damning reasons other than the nudity ban to vote-out the incumbent District 8 Supervisor, go to

For fundraising information on this campaign, go to, search for “Supervisor George Davis Election Campaign”

For a recent history of SFPD suppression of the Body Freedom Movement and a short history of social nudity and contemporary global status of public nudity, go

Contact information:
George Davis
(415) 722-2968

Am Associated Press article written by Michelle Goodman on the Times Square speech appeared in hundreds of newspapers and newssites all over America. There were some broadcast news and late night TV show references to the speech. The AP report appeared in the “SF Chronicle”,, and “The San Francisco Examiner”. Link:


Text: New York City Times Square Speech August 6, 2014 (8 minute speech)

(Composed text. Since I speak without notes, there might be some variations from video audio.)


I’m George Davis speaking from Times Square in New York City, August 6, 2014. Andy Golub, the Internationally known body painter, is also here and we’re going to do some nude body painting in a few minutes.

I am running for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which is like the City Council in the November General Election. I’m running for Harvey Milk’s seat. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected official in America. If the trend holds, I will be the first “out” Body Freedom activist elected in America. There are other San Francisco local issues, but I’ll stick to Body Freedom for this speech.

I am noted for being the co-author of Naked Yoga, which has had some global influence. Related to my work in health and fitness is my work as a Body Freedom Activist. Body Freedom holds that the naked human body is natural, normal, and nothing to be ashamed of. We have a natural birthright to live in a clothing optional world.

From polls, we know that 60% of Americans get it and agree with this concept. We know from polls in European countries with a long Body Freedom history and government support the figure rises to 93%.

With those kind of polling numbers, you would think that Body Freedom was the law of the land. – Guess What! – Surprise or no surprise, maybe not. Finding a venue to make this speech was not easy. . . . About a year and a half ago, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors narrowly passed a nudity ban on a 6 to 5 vote which was sponsored by the Supervisor who I intend to unseat. Prior to this nudity ban, I had made fully expressive speeches in San Francisco for years. Since the ban, I have been arrested twice, cited once, and threatened with arrest by the San Francisco Police two more times for making campaign speeches like this one. . . . So, I searched around America for a high profile location to make a campaign speech. The Los Angeles Police Department emailed me that they would arrest me if I spoke under the clock at Hollywood and Vine. . . . The Federal Park Service did issue me a permit to make a Body Freedom speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. But, as a condition of the permit, I had to cover my genitals(?!) What’s the point? I could make a speech like that anywhere in San Francisco without a permit. . . . Both the Chicago mayor’s office and the Chicago Police Department ignored my inquiries (that’s like a pocket veto). . . But New York City has recently recognized the right of public nudity for artistic and theatrical performances. I guess that campaign speeches are just bad theater. I want to thank the New York City Mayor’s Office and the New York Police Department for making this speech possible.

A lot of people, even people who agree with the concepts of Body Freedom, ask me that with all the causes and problems in the world to get excited about, “Why is Body Freedom important?”

It’s about 80degreesFarenheit in New York City right now; being nude right now is more fun, comfortable, natural, and free. Choosing what to wear or not to wear should be your choice.

More importantly, there are public mental and physical health issues involved. My background involves writing and speaking on yoga issues. Yoga involves getting the body and your mind, spirit, soul in harmonic union for contentment and happiness. How can it be mentally healthy to be ashamed of your body or any body part? How can being worried about your body image to others be mentally healthy? How can being fearful of the bodies of others be mentally healthy? According to psychiatrists and other mental health specialists, mental imbalances like anxiety, fear, and depression leads to physical problems.

I could also go on about the civil liberty and human rights issues on the denial of your peaceful freedom of expression.

I could also go on about the censorship of nonsexual nudity in a lot of corporate media; Broadcast TV, print media, FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram which leads to a distortion between truth and reality.

I could continue with a long-winded rant, but I am a firm believer in short speeches.

If you’ve been with me this long, you now know and feel that Body Freedom is normal. It was the “normal” for ancient Greece and Rome and for much of the pre-Columbian world. I suspect that you are ready to ask the question: Why is it so important for many government entities to suppress Body Freedom?

Finally, I want to ask San Franciscans who live in District 8 to vote for me in the next General Election. And, I want to ask all non-San Franciscans to use social media to let your San Franciscan friends or your friends who know San Franciscans about how you feel about electing George Davis, the Body Freedom Activist to the Board of Supervisors.

Thank you.

(Introduction of Andy Golub to make a short speech before the body painting begins.)

From the Official San Francisco Voters Handbook, George Davis Statement of Qualifications for Office

George Davis – Writer

My qualifications are:

I have been a San Francisco resident over four decades and am well-acquainted with many San Francisco neighborhoods. I am familiar with San Francisco urban transportation and planning issues. I use MUNI, BART, bicycles, and rental cars.

I have sent children through schools of the San Francisco Unified School District. I know from personal experience the strengths and weaknesses of the city’s educational system.

I am an active promoter of effective public health and safety. I do volunteer work with NERT, a disaster auxiliary to the San Francisco Fire Department.

I have written several books; including NAKED YOGA and WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION, and am a contributing editor to the eBook FREE YOUR BODY, FREE YOUR MIND!

I am a civil rights activist with the ACLU and Amnesty International. Globally, many people know me for my work promoting freedoms of artistic and political expression, and for my opposition to political and media censorship.

I am an active participant in the Occupy Movement and support this movement’s ideas for redistribution of political and economic power from the “1% elite” to the middle classes.

In this, my third campaign for political office, I know “the third time is the charm” – as it was for Harvey Milk.

Statement of Qualifications from San Francisco Voters Handbook:

Q & A from “San Francisco Chronicle”

1.The city’s homeless population hasn’t dropped despite a decade of policy changes and a yearly budget of $165 million. What would you do to make a difference?

Answer: I have the endorsement of the San Francisco Tenants Union. I view housing as a fundamental right, like New York City or even here in San Francisco in the 1960’s and 1970s. I would build/create temporary housing on unused land in the City – Port Property, parking spaces, vacant lots. After the 1906 Earthquake, the City built housing for the displaced citizens almost immediately. Burning Man builds an arguably more interesting than San Francisco city of 70,000 within 2 weeks. There are FEMA trailers solutiions, remodeled shipping container solutions, or simple wood frame construction solutions. The point is to solve the problem immediately.

Until, the “homeless” have stable, clean, private accomadation, it is impossible to treat their other problems of alienation, alcohol, and drugs.

2. Housing remains costly and scarce, a major shadow across the city’s future. What ideas do you have on the topic?

Answer: Extend rent control to building built after 1978. Proposition G types of anti-speculation measures. Subsidies for emergency personell like Firefighters, Police, and medical personnell who work in the City to live here. Work to create a stronger Federal Housing and Urban Development program geared to the Middle and Working Classes.

3. How are you voting on Prop. G, the anti-speculation tax? What are you reasons?

Answer: Yes!!!! Slow down Ellis Act evictions and unsustainably high property/rent increases.

4. How are you voting on Prop. E, the soda tax? What are your reasons?

Answer: Undecided, but leaning towards “yes”, because of belief in public health and safety

However, it’s hard to ignore that Prop E is a “sin” tax on primarily the poor and nutritionally uneducated, and even worse the tax money doesn’t go into the General Tax Fund of the Department of Public Health, but to other bureacracies that may not be as accountable.

5. Do you favor extra city spending on legal advice for undocumented immigrants? What are your reasons?

Answer: Yes. They are human beings facing hard to comprehend bureaucracies that have real impact on their lives.

6. A parking ticket costs $55 and up. Is it too much or the right amount? Why?

Answer: Sounds about right. We are in a public transportation First city. The median household income in SF is approaching $80,000/year. However, I would like to know more on the counter-argument position.

7. Muni workers walked off the job in pay dispute though their contract bars a strike. What is your opinion of that action? Do you think essential public workers have the right to strike?

Answer: In my opinion, the decline in income of the Middle Class in the last 40 years in America is correlative to the decline of unions. I am for the unionization of all employees, military personell, and adult students. I am for strong unions.

8. San Francisco’s yearly budget is over $8 billion. What financial background prepares you to decide on city finances?

Answer: When one considers what percentage of the $8 billion is discretionary, the amount of discretionary expenditures controlled by the Board is not as awesome as it appears. By State and Federal laws, the City Budget does have to balance. I know that I have to help make that happen.

9. Do you think city voters should decide on controversial building designs or should the issue be left to city commissions?

Answer: I believe in neighborhood input and control of large developments and height limits. On an issue like approval of a design like another TransAmerica Building, it’s probably best left to hopefully well-trained and appointed city commissions.

10. Do you favor keeping or dropping the instant runoff voting system?

Answer: Yes, keeping. Except for the mayor’s office, and I’m not even sure about that, in all reality, most of the general electorate is not all that interested in City campaigns as evidenced by voter turn-out. Why subject them to all that hoopla and expense again?

11. What is your plan for publicly run electrical power in the city?

Answer: I support enforcement of the Raker Act and City control of electric power.

12. Grass or turf: where do you stand in the dispute over a surface for soccer playing fields in Golden Gate Park?

Answer: Grass. But, I fully support finding as many recreational opportunites for soccer players and leagues as demand. I consider Soccer a much more inclusive game and less dangerous than football or even baseball.

13. Airbnb is revolutionizing the hotel business but also eating into the housing stock. What do you think should be done, if anything, about the changing picture?

Answer: Collect the hotel Occupancy tax and limit rental days to 100 days/year.


Both related and unrelated to this campaign:

Saturday – October 4, 2014

Malaysian Nude Beach Games

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

(look for Olympic torch and flame)

Registration 11am, start noon

Attendees at Maylasia Nudist Sports Games 2014

Malaysian police on a dragnet for attendees

In May 2014, 18 people held the “Malaysia Nudist Sports Games 2014” privately on a beach in a National Park in Malaysia. Most of the attendees were from Malaysia, but included visitors from Singapore, Myanmar, India, and the Philippines. All the participants were Asian. Albert Lam of Singapore posted a video of the event on Vimeo, the less censored YouTube-like video forum. During the month of August 2014, the Malaysian police sought the arrest of all the participants and offered rewards for their identities. Several Malaysian participants were arrested and held in prison for a few days. (“Perp” photos to shame them were released to the press.) The event attendees were threatened with 5 year prison sentences. As of August 29, 2014; 5 were sentenced for 30 days plus a fine. The videographer got 6 months for “distribution and possession of pornographic material.” This story was reported widely in the Asian regional press, social media, and Internet search engines. . . . Hence, the idea was born to call the games in San Francisco the “Malaysian Nude Beach Games.” We will keep the name until such time as the games can be held again in Malaysia without police harassment. . . . The intent of the Malaysian nude beach games is to have fun and make an international statement against police state harassment of nudists.

images from Nomad – Photonatural


100 Meter Run

500 Meter Run

50 Meter“crabwalk” race

100 Meter paired“wheelbarrow” race

Sumo Wrestling

Greco –Roman Wrestling

Javelin Throw

Broad Jump

Discus (Frisbee)– distance event

Tug-of-War (if someone shows up with a suitable rope)

Beach Volleyball

Afterwards: Body Painting/Body Art Competition (beach theme – competitors bring/find own art materials.

Conclusion: toast to nude artists and athletes everywhere.

Prizes: Winner in each event receives an 8 X 11 certificate suitable for framing. The certificate includes a full color image of the Malaysian flag.


1. The Malaysian Nude Beach Games are clothing optional to spectators. Athletes must be nude for their competition.

2. Although this event is totally non-commercial, there will be some video and photographic images taken to be put on the Internet and possibly other media platforms.

What to expect?

See edited and uncensored video from 2008 Nude Beach Olympics on Baker Beach. URL link:

For more information, contact:

George Davis (415)722-2968

Amazingly, this press release/invitation resulted in news stories from HuffingtonPost, United Press Interntional (UP) and several local media outlets. The event was fun and attended by about 18 people, but basically just a beach party.


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